Monday, May 7, 2012

It has taken me awhile before updating you on my status. It is now exactly two months since I returned to the motherland. I am quite excited with my new assignment here at Loresho. Loresho is an awesome community and I look forward to a great ministry together.  The complexity of ministry in the new Kenya is quite obvious. However, I am a BELIEVER. I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

The speed in which Kenya is changing is breath-taking. I am yet to comprehend the strides made in the last twelve years that I have been away. Of course, poor planning and political ineptitude cast a dark shadow on the progress made but Kenyans are proving to be a determined lot. One of the most annoying things is traffic jam and the Matatu menace. On a brighter side, I am truly enjoying Kenyan hospitality! Waking up for a cup of hot Kenyan tea is quite refreshing. My aesthetic side is taking in, every day, the natural beauty of this great nation. A glimpse of the majestic Mount Kenya reveals the wondrous work of our Maker. I thank God for Kenya.