Friday, July 27, 2012

Fondly Remembered and Missed:

Throughout this week, dear mother, I have reflected on our life together. I am now a grown man raising a family. Yet the very thought of you makes me feel like a child again. I must also confess that trying to number the years that you have been gone leaves me numb. The years are many! It is only by faith, and faith alone that I believe what I cannot prove – that you are in a better place. How are you doing, dear mother, in that land yonder? Do you ever miss us, your children?

There are days I imagine you seated in the council of the departed members of our family discussing each of us. Do you think of us? What sort of things do you say about your children? We are all grown now and each has gone his/her way. We do occasionally come together to reminiscent.

Dear mother, I wish you happiness as you live your life in the world known only by the dead. Know that you are loved and missed. I personally remain forever grateful to you. I continue to believe that your presence is always with us. Yes, by faith, and faith alone I believe what I cannot prove – your ever-present embrace and love. Yet, as I watch my children grow, I wish you were here to cuddle them, to give advice and to offer wise counsel.

The day the ship came to carry you home was a sad day. As the wild gull called we mourned your departure. But today, 27th July 2012, I shed tears of joy - joy of having known you. As I stand at the grave site, I miss your smiling face. I will cry but I will not be sad. I have hope of seeing you again. You believed in Jesus Christ and eternal hope in Him. I too believe! I will see you again mother. It is well with my soul. So long …
Your son,